Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we consider this option?

​Most families prefer the unique and flexible option of gathering virtually shortly after their loved one has passed. They often find this frees them from the constraints of physical distance, travel, weather, expense, time of day, scheduling, social distancing and other pandemic issues, etc.  Many times they discover they are more at peace once the online memorial service takes place. Then they are able to complete the final arrangements/burial/scattering in a small, private manner at a later, more convenient date.



Does an online memorial service replace the services provided by a traditional funeral home?

​An online memorial service is completely separate from the services provided by a traditional funeral home. Uncommon Farewell's virtual gatherings are focused on helping you conduct an online memorial service of your own creation, while funeral homes can help with any in-person services, cremations and burials.

If we have a funeral home handling arrangements, will you work with them to coordinate the online memorial service?

We are happy to collaborate, if necessary. 


Will it be private or can anyone attend our event?

​The event will be set up as an invitation-only event, so only those you share the information with will be able to attend.


Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend?

​Up to 300 people may attend the Zoom-based service for free. More spaces are available for purchase, if needed. 


Do people need to be computer savvy to attend a service?

​We do our best to offer clear directions to all participants, leaving you free to participate with peace of mind. It will also be recorded so you may share it with anyone who could not attend online.


Will it be difficult for our family and friends to join the online memorial service?

​Your attendees will simply click on a link that has been emailed to them and they will be able to connect from any device (computer, tablet or smart phone).


What do people usually include in an online memorial service?

Your online memorial service can be customized to your personal preferences. Some elements that could be included are:

  • Welcome

  • Photo slideshow or video

  • Prayers

  • Songs or hymns

  • Scripture or other readings

  • Eulogy

  • Tributes

  • Remembrances from participants

  • Concluding remarks